RED LAVA centre jointed ash cue with RED aluminium case


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Turn up the heat with our modern “Lava” cue design for performance and everyday play. Available in a range of stunning colours, making them a fantastic addition to any pool or snooker room. These cues are a pleasure to play with, with a nice smooth cueing action, good weight and balance in the butt and a satisfying sound when striking the cue ball.

This set also includes a great quality aluminium case to keep your cue safe


  • 57″ standard centre-jointed cue – butt and shaft same length
  • Cue is suitable for both snooker and pool
  • Grained, North American Ash shaft
  • Shaft has been sanded for a smooth cueing action
  • Stunning two tone ‘Lava’ design butt wrap with metallic specs
  • High gloss butt finish – tough and durable
  • The ‘Lava’ range is available in a selection of different colours
  • Wood to wood joint with steel thread
  • Round butt end – no chamfer
  • 9.5mm leather ‘stick-on’ tip and stainless-steel ferrule
  • Finished tip – shaped, sanded and ready to play – just needs chalk!
  • Rubber butt bumper to protect cue – safely show your approval of a good shot!
  • Cue weights available range from 17oz to 18oz