Oval Quad RED case by Baize Master to hold x 2 centre jointed cues and Accessories


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The oval quad case by Baize Master is a contemporary compact oval cue case designed to hold 2 centre jointed cues. These cases feature an exterior pocket to carry a mini-extension and accessories. An elegant leather stripe runs along the face of the case with adjustable straps for easy handling, making it an exemplary combination of style and functionality.


  • External dimensions measure approx 82cm long x 15cm wide x 8.5cm deep (including pocket)
  • Moulded interior to keep the cues separate and protected
  • Case will hold 2 x 2 piece centre jointed cues, suitable for both snooker and pool
  • Hard construction to prevent damage to cues
  • 1 exterior pocket – will hold 6″ extension and accessories
  • Attractive leather stripe covering on front of case
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, plus carry handle