TIGER U.S.A High quality Le Manifik tip shaper and scuffer tip tool


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Product Features:

  • Will never damage your cue tip
  • Durable, yet light weight
  • Two choices of shapers and scuffers
  • Quick and easy-to-use, even during tournament play

TIGER Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer Instructions:

  1. How to scuff:
  • To scuff your cue tip, choose the fine or coarse side of TIGER Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer.  Place the scuffer on the cue tip and move the shaft in a circular motion until you get the desired finish. Repeat step if necessary.
  1. How to shape:
  • To shape your cue tip, use either “Nickel” or “Dime” shapers. Place the TIGER Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer on the floor, take the whole cue and place the cue tip in the shaper; with your palms move the cue in a circular motion back and forth.
  • You can also shape the cue tip by placing TIGER Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer in your hand and moving it side to side on the cue tip. To make sure you have the proper shape use the TIGER Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer shapers guide located on each side.

Product Specifications:

– Product size: 5″ x 2.5″

– Made in USA by Tiger Products