Pro 147 Kingwood 3 piece cue


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A unique 3pc snooker or pool cue with a matching ash grain shaft for a better playing experience.

Features a 9.5mm tip, painted butt and printed kingwood effect graphic.

The 3pc joint construction alleviates difficulty whilst playing in tight spaces making it perfect for pub or home use.

Cue Features:

  • A three-piece cue with a brass joints, suitable for both snooker and pool
  • 9.5mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule
  • Matching Ash grain shaft – sanded for a more natural wood feel
  • Painted 4 prong black butt
  • Printed kingswood effect graphic with blue and white detailing.
  • PRO147 logo badge on the butt of the cue
  • Cue length measures approx. 57″
  • Shaft length measures 71.5cm to joint and 74cm including joint thread.
  • Butt length measures total of 74cm with butt section measuring 30.5cm and middle section measuring 43.5cm
  • Rounded unfinished wood butt end – no rubber