Pro 147 CONDOR 2 piece centre jointed cue


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The PRO147 CONDOR is a great cue for pub or home players. With a 9.5mm leather stick-on tip, it can be used for both snooker and pool. It has a traditional matching ash grain shaft that has been sanded for a smooth cue action.



  • 57 inch (145 cm) 2-piece cue with a centre joint.
  • Butt measures 74.5cm including the joint and shaft measures 71cm.
  • 9.5mm leather stick-on tip on a brass ferrule, suitable for snooker and pool.
  • Matching ash grain shaft, sanded for a smooth cue action.
  • Sturdy brass screw centre joint.
  • Four-pronged machine spliced hardwood butt.
  • Four face splicing effect with maple veneers.
  • Rubberised butt end with PRO147 logo on the butt of the cue.
  • Cue weighs approx. 17 to 18oz.