PG (premium gem) premium layered tips , RUBY 10mm SOFT x1 tip



Bulldog Billiards PG (premium gem) Tips.. RUBY 10mm cue tip .. available in SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD.. state which at checkout or a random grade tip will be sent.

PG  (PREMIUM GEM).  Make a monkey out of your opponent with our Premium Gem tips.. a premium layered tip made from 6 layers of the finest Japanese Pigskin to very high standards ensuring consistency and ultimate playability

We spent many months having a tip developed to rival other premium tips on the market (Kamui, Taom etc) but under our own branding and to our very own exacting specifications and standards of manufacture.

All of the PREMIUM GEM tips are available in 3 grades.. soft, medium and hard, and come in 5 different colours which have certain characteristics making them more suitable for different cue-sports and different ways of play…

Though all tips can of course be used for whichever cue sport you play here is a run down of which tip may suit your play the best..  but ALL are suitable for whatever your game.. I myself primarily play 8 ball pool and the occasional game of snooker and currently play with the EMERALD SOFT Pure Gem tip as I find this seems to suit me the best having tried them all.

RUBY.. recommended for English 8 ball pool .. max power transmission, great for those who also break with their playing cue

QUARTZ .. recommended for English 8 ball pool .. softer touch for more controlled play

SAPPHIRE .. recommended for English 8 ball pool AND snooker .. speed accuracy and consistency, especially on long shots

BLACK ONYX .. recommended for English 8 ball pool AND snooker .. more elasticity for great control, especially on slower shots

EMERALD ..  recommended for SNOOKER .. greater control and feel throughout all shots