Limited edition Baize Master JIMMY WHITE endorsed centre jointed cue


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Limited edition Jimmy White endorsed cue! Jimmy is the rock and roll of the snooker world, a true legend in his own right and a household name. These cues are very unique, and we have limited stocks available. The 9.5mm tip size means it can be used for both snooker and pool. It has a matching ash grain shaft a leather pro-tip.  They make a great gift for a budding snooker or pool player.



  • 57 inch 2pc cue with centre joint
  • Jimmy White printed signature on butt
  • Suitable for both snooker and pool
  • Colour stained four faced Maple splice design with genuine white veneers
  • Ebonised four point butt with high gloss finish
  • 9.5mm brass ferrule with a good quality, layered leather tip
  • Matching ash shaft, sanded for a smoother cueing action
  • Precision machined quick release brass joint
  • Baize Master Silver Series badge and ring decal
  • Rubber butt end protector