Kamui KAGEKI ultimate premium chalk as endorsed by Florian Venom Kohler


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Kamui Kageki pool snooker Billiards Cue Chalk. Grey x 1 block.


Kageki Billiards Chalk for the ultimate trick shot.

This is not your every day Chalk, not your every shot Chalk. This is a weapon you pull out of your cue case when you have a close hit, a masse, a jump or an extreme shot to make and you simply can’t afford to miscue! This chalk is very ‘grippy’ and spreads beautifully on the Tip.


A much-awaited technologically advanced pool cue chalk is finally here. Radical grip co-developed with Florian Kohler aka Venom Trick Shots.


*The extreme chalk for extreme shots.

*It’s a very adherent chalk and it spreads perfect on the tip.

*Tear-off label layers.

*Grey coloured chalk.

*You will not use it with every shot, but you will when you have to make a close hit, a jump or solve an extreme situation. Use it and you will not fail!

*All manufacturers have chalks for the game, the break or jump, but none have thought of the most difficult and extreme hits. Kageki is that chalk.

*If you are serious about your game, you might want to try this high end chalk!

*Grey coloured chalk.


***This listing is for 1 x Block of grey kamui Kageki chalk in original packaging.