SILKY HAND invisible glove chalk spray for bridge hand = FRICTION GONE!


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This 2oz spray bottle is a clear liquid substance that dries fast and leaves player’s hands silky smooth and waterproof.

Spray on the bridge of your hand to give you a frictionless cueing action.

Product Features:

  • 2oz bottle
  • Dries fast
  • Leaves hands dry, smooth and waterproof for a frictionless cueing action
  • Can eliminate sweaty palms
  • No more sticky cues!
  • Spray on to bridge of hand for smooth cueing action
  • 1 application will last a game – a bottle goes a long way
  • For the ultimate smooth cueing action, use in conjunction with our Cue Silk and Sil Kleen products

I sprayed Silky Hand on my bridge hand and rubbed briskly until dry.
It makes the hand feel like powder has been applied. 

The cue shaft slides freely through my bridge hand finger loop without any sticking.
It works great allowing the cue shaft to slide smoothly and make precision shots. 

It doesn’t leave any detectable residue on the cue shaft.

Review by Eugene from Clovis, CA on February 12th 2011