Cue Prodigy BULLET BREAK tip by KEV WHEELER handmade cues YELLOW 11.6mm


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The new BULLET break tip!!




These are available in 10.6mm and 11.6mm which is perfect for UK 8 ball.


(Every tip will come with a FREE pad and pot)


We have spent the last couple of years trying out different materials to produce the best break as this is the most important shot of the game.

We wanted to produce a rock hard tip to create as much power as possible for the break but also wanted a material that is easy enough for even a beginner to fit so have come up with this plastic type tip… unlike many break tips these can be very easily fitted by hand.


These tips have been tested and used by some of the top ultimate pool players over the last few months and after some very positive feedback we are now pleased to start selling these.




Step 1: Sand bottom of break tip and both sides of the pad by placing them facedown on 80 grit sandpaper and rotate in a circular motion.


Step 2: Glue the tip to the pad using a strong CA glue.


Step 3: When the glue is cured cut off the pads excess with a sharp knife.


Step 4: Glue the tip and pad to the cue. When the glue is cured place the cue upside down on a flat surface and cut off excess with a sharp knife.


Step 5: Turn the cue the correct way up and tilt the knife at a angle against the tip while gently spinning the cue to help get everything flush


Step 6: fine sand the sides of the tip to get it perfectly flush with the ferrule. Roughen up the top of the tip with 80 grit sandpaper so it holds chalk better. (Triangle chalk works well with these tips. It also helps to roughen up the tip on a regular basis)


* (The pad is a free optional extra that I would recommend using to help the tip stick to the cue better)


For a full video tutorial of the fitting process please visit:


Cue Prodigy – Bullet Break Tip