Electronic snooker scoreboard with remote control. Modern black glass finish


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  • This electronic scoreboard with 30cm led is great for snooker, pool or billiards, you can clearly see the scores clearly and brightly from 60 feet away.
  • Electronic Score Keeper: The portable scoreboard with led display technology, with scores ranging from 0 to 199
  • ultra-thin mirror glass frame, looks exactly like LCD screen, elegant and stylish ultra-thin three-dimensional design
  • Remote Control: with remote control, easy to operate, which is very easy to use, You just need press the remote control to change your score… no need to walk to the table to change your score.
  • Easy to Use: Press the power button on the remote control for more than 5 times (not for 5 seconds), then the A and B lights will flash, that is, the code is successful, and the scoreboard will follow the instructions of the remote control