CUE CRAFT ultimate DUKE SUPER RARE 3/4 and 1/2 jointed ash cue


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Cue Craft Duke Ultimate Snooker Cue

Cue Craft Duke Ultimate Snooker Cue – Featuring a grade A quality ash shaft which has been hand selected for its superb quality and grain.

The butt of the cue is jointed at 15.5 Inches from the end of the butt and can be removed when necessary to free up space for awkward shots in enclosed spaces. .This cue is also CENTRE jointed.. extremely rare!

The hand spliced ebony butt has two American Black Walnut veneers, a thick cut maple wedge and stunning marquetry creating an arrow wedge design consisting of Ash and Mexican rosewood.  The cue is finished with Cue Crafts Silk Line finish providing an unsurpassed glide through your bridge hand.  A full colour Cue Craft Duke name plate disc finishes this simply stunning cue.

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  • Grade A Quality Ash Shaft.
  • Silk Line finish
  • Hand spliced ebony butt.
  • Two American Black Walnut veneers.
  • A thick cut maple wedge.
  • Arrow design Marquetry.
  • Optional Telescopic extension.


Dimensions (averaged):

  • Length: 58 inches / 147.5 cm.
  • Weight: 18 oz / 19 oz
  • Tip: 9.5 to 10 mm.